About Us

About Us

Physic-e Rooz

Physic-e Rooz is a quarterly journal intended for physicists, physics students, physics teachers, and all of those who have studied physics.

It is published to

  • promote the general knowledge of those interested about advances in various fields of physics as well as in interdisciplinary fields related to physics (biophysics, physical chemistry, medical physics, history of science, philosophy of science, …)

  • promote communication within the physics community of Iran and awareness and sharing of the teaching and research experiences gained in this community

  • promote awareness of the professions in which physicists can engage

  • review and critique physics books and textbooks and inform about experiences people have had in teaching them

  • inform about the activities of the Physics Society of Iran

Publisher and Editorial Board

Physic-e Rooz is published by the Physics Society of Iran (PSI) and its editor-in-chief is the head of PSI.

Managing Editor: Keyvan Aghababaee-Samani

Editorial Board: MohammadReza Ejtehadirhang, Seyyed Nader rasuli, Sima Ghassemi, Farhang Loran, HamidReza Moshfegh, Farshid Mohammad-Rafiee

The Physics Society of Iran

PSI was founded in 1931, but its scope of activities was limited until 1941. During this time a few physicists would meet as the Physics or Chemistry Society in the physics laboratory of the Science Faculty of the Teacher Training University in Tehran and the number of such meetings decreased despite the fact that the number of physicists was increasing. Twice in 1961 and 1971 steps were taken to enhance these activities, and finally in March 1974 the first Scientific and Research Conference in Physics was held in Tehran and the Physics Society of Iran became an official member of the National Council of Scientific Societies of Iran. The first Physics Conference after the Islamic Revolution was held in 1983 and in the 1985 Physics Conference the first general assembly after the Revolution was convened. Since then the activities of PSI have been expanding. The information about the activities of PSI can be found on its website at http://www.psi.ir.